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This summer, I tested the Scheels Outfitters small training dummies with my dogs. You can buy these training dummies in a three-pack, or individually. This is the second in a series of reviews I have done for Scheels – check out my review of their hunting dog vest here.

My video review of the training bumpers is below. I’ve also provided a written recap of the pros and things that could be improved after that.

Scheels Outfitters Small Training Dummies


  • Nice size and light enough even for young or small dogs to carry
  • Canvas exterior is well-made and the inside filling is soft, so they’re gentle on the dog’s mouth
  • Black rope attachment allows you to easily throw them a long distance
  • Float well for use in water
  • The soft construction and rope attachment allows you to use for tug with your dog, if desired
  • Choice of three colors: off-white, blaze orange, and high-vis yellow
  • Good price point at $18 for three, or $8 each

Suggestions for Improvement

  • The bumpers don’t dry quickly when they get wet, but that’s to be expected given the materials they’re made of
  • The off-white color especially will get dirty depending on the conditions you use it in, but they can be cleaned using soap and water
  • Your dog can puncture the canvas exterior with their teeth depending how aggressively they pick it up. These shouldn’t be used as chew toys.

I think these soft bumpers definitely have a place in a bird dog trainer’s tool box, especially if you have a puppy. These are the first soft bumpers I’ve used and I like them a lot. For fun, I spent some time teaching my Rhodesian ridgeback how to retrieve this summer and he is not accustomed to picking up harder bumper-like objects. He had no issue picking these up and seemed to enjoy the process as well.

Scheels did send me these bumpers in exchange for me doing a review. However, I tried to be as authentic as possible in my evaluation. I spent about three months using these small training dummies in various contexts.

If you’d like to order your own, go to Click here for the direct link to the three-pack of dummies. If you’ve used these, do you have any other thoughts about them? Leave me a comment below.

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