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Recently, I had the opportunity to test out the Scheels Outfitters Performance Dog Hunting Vest. This vest is sold exclusively at Scheels and was designed by one of their employees. There are many things I like about this hunting vest. Take a look at my video review below.

I’ve also provided a short recap of the pros and things that could be improved below.

Scheels Outfitters Performance Dog Hunting Vest


  • Well-made, various materials will protect the dog from sticks, debris, briars, and other dangers
  • Blaze orange panel is very visible even in thick cover
  • Well-fitting for a lean pointer body
  • Seams and fabric don’t chafe, even when wet
  • You can customize the arm and neck holes if needed, by cutting up the seams
  • The neoprene portion provides some warmth/insulation in colder climates
  • Easy to clean off with water, or soap and water
  • Good price point for a well-made vest, cheaper than some other models on the market

Suggestions for Improvement

  • The vest is difficult to get on if you just try to put the dog’s feet through the holes and secure it at the top. It’s easier if you secure the top part of the velcro together and slip it over the dog’s head. It would be nice to see a hook or fastener at the neck to help with this process.
  • The velcro along the spine bunches some, although it’s probably the best option as opposed to a zipper or snaps.
  • It would be helpful to have a small loop at the top or base of the vest to be able to hang it up to dry or for storage.
  • The chest piece between the legs could probably be a little wider to provide more protection.

Overall, I really like this vest. I love that it fits great, doesn’t chafe, and is very visible. I highly recommend it! I have another post where I discuss other protective clothing options for hunting dogs. This vest is very different from the one I reviewed there, and I think the more form-fitting design of this Scheels vest is actually better.

In full disclosure, Scheels sent me this vest in exchange for me doing a review. However, I tried to be as authentic as possible in my analysis of the vest. I spent about a month testing it in various conditions. As I mentioned in the video, this was after hunting season, but I tried to approximate the type of cover we’d go in during hunting season. I plan to continue testing it this coming fall/winter and I’ll update this review if I have more insights at that time.

If you’d like to order your own vest, go to Click here for the direct link for the vest. I found the size chart to be accurate. Zara is about 46 pounds and is wearing a size small vest. If you’ve used this vest, do you have any other thoughts about it? Leave me a comment below.

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