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This is part of a series of reviews I have done for the sporting goods retailer Scheels. This time, I reviewed the Ruffland Water Hole water dish for dogs. In addition to this product, Scheels also sells various sizes of Ruffland kennels.

You can view my video review of the water dish below. After that, I’ve also provided a written recap of the pros and things that could be improved after that.

Ruffland Water Hole Dish


  • Super durable construction
  • Sturdy – this thing is not going to break easily!
  • Won’t crack in cold weather
  • Stores a large amount of water – about one gallon
  • Comfortable carrying handle
  • Great for multiple dogs
  • Good for hot days when you need a lot of water
  • Easy to drain
  • Multiple colors to match Ruffland kennels

Things that Could be Improved

  • Water makes splashing sounds when driving on rough roads (not an issue if it’s in a truck bed)
  • Bit bulky for every day use
  • Potential for storing dirty water
  • Possibility for dog to be hesitant about sticking their head into the hole to drink – can be resolved with some training

Overall, this water dish is a great option especially for traveling or longer training sessions with multiple dogs. I love that you can throw it around a bit and it won’t get damaged. This thing is solid!

Scheels sent me this product in exchange for me doing a review. However, I tried to be as authentic as possible in my evaluation. I tested this water dish over the course of several months. If you’d like to order a Ruffland Water Hole for yourself, check it out on Scheels’ website. They have lots of other great products for dogs, too.

Have you used this water dish? If so, what were your thoughts? Leave me a comment below.

Zara poses with the Ruffland Water Hole water dish

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  • Deb B says:

    It’s a pretty new purchase along with a matching Ruffland crate so, it’s just been stored indoors until recently. I have a young Labrador who thinks flipping pails is great fun; he’s tipped his last pail however because I decided to use the WaterHole. I haven’t see the old girl drink out of it yet but my pup loves it.

    • Terry Ann says:

      Hey Deb,
      Haha he sounds like he keeps you on your toes! Hopefully he won’t be able to flip the Water Hole.
      Terry Ann

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