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This winter, I’ve had the chance to test and review the FieldKing Game Steward’s Bird Bag from Dogs Unlimited. The founder of Dogs Unlimited invented this style of modern day bird bag and it’s a time-tested way to carry birds to and from the field. Dogs Unlimited has lots of great products for people and dogs competing in field trials and hunt tests. It’s a family-owned business and the owners compete in trials with their dogs, so they truly understand the bird dog lifestyle.

I put together a video review which you can watch below. After that, I’ve also provided a written recap of the pros and things that could be improved after that.

FieldKing Game Steward’s Bird Bag


  • Very well-made with durable cordura fabric and breathable mesh
  • Size opening (the one I have is 10″ wide) is ideal for a range of bird sizes, from quail to ducks
  • The spring snap is solid and keeps birds inside without issue
  • Pockets on the front and back, which are nice for storing gloves, flagging tape, etc.
  • Bright blaze orange color – you aren’t going to lose this thing easily!
  • You can add a custom name plate for a small additional fee. This ensures you can tell your bird bag apart from those that your training partners have.
  • The bag will easily fit ~5 full-size chukar, ~6 pigeons, ~10 quail, and 2 ducks.
  • The shoulder strap is adjustable to fit a range of body sizes.
  • There are no holes in the side of the bag near the spring snap, which some other brands have. That’s a recipe for birds escaping!
  • Good price point ($40–$55 depending on options you select). This bag will last for years.
  • Option to add a snap, which you can hook onto a saddle or ATV, or use to have extra security to keep the top opening closed

Things that Could be Improved

  • The width of the strap is a bit narrow compared to some other brands. This could potentially cut into your shoulder if you’re wearing a thin shirt, but likely isn’t a major issue.
  • Since there’s mesh on both the front and back of the bag, there’s the potential for bird poop to get on your clothing if you’re wearing the bird bag over your shoulder or holding it next to your body. I had a bird bag from a different brand that had a solid back which prevented this issue. However, having the mesh on both sides ensures maximum air flow for the birds.

I really like this bird bag a lot and there isn’t much I’d improve on it. I’m excited to keep using it during training and at trials.

In full transparency, Dogs Unlimited sent me this product in exchange for me doing a review. However, I tried to be as authentic as possible in my evaluation. I tested this bird bag over the course of about a month. If you’d like to order a FieldKing Game Steward’s Bird Bag for yourself, check it out on Dogs Unlimited’s website.

The custom name plate allows you to personalize your bird bag with your name and contact information.

The opening is a good size to easily allow you to get birds in and out, but not so large that they can escape when you open it.

The strap also easily allows you to hang it up for storage.

Zara approves!

Have you used one of these bird bags? If so, what were your thoughts? Leave me a comment below.

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