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This post is a little late because I wrote the whole thing on Monday and was just picking the featured image, when WordPress decided to delete my entire post! I was using the WordPress app on my phone, so it didn’t auto save as it would on my computer. :(

Anyway, sorry for the delay. For this post, I’ve compiled a list of Zara’s favorite and least favorite things.

Zara’s Favorite Things

1. People. If we merely get in the vicinity of another person, the wiggle butt response kicks into full gear.
2. Other dogs. Big or small, Zara wants to play with them all.
3. Bully sticks
4. Marrow bones. These buy at least an hour of peace.
5. Frisbees. These are great for chasing and chewing.
6. Belly rubs
7. The bathtub/shower. Zara is obsessed with drinking water from the faucet when we are about to take a shower.
8. The dog park. People + other dogs + frisbees = heaven.
9. The vet. Any attention is good attention!
10. Sleeping in bed with us under the covers. And yes, we swore we would never allow the dog in the bed…
11. Eating poop. Need to work on this one…
12. Hot dog. Best training treat.

Zara’s Least Favorite Things

1. Being ignored
2. Getting her ears cleaned
3. The rain. The only time we had a regression in house training was one day when it was pouring and she refused to go outside to pee.
4. The garbage truck. She is terrified of the noise.
5. Metrobuses. Not as bad as the garbage truck, but she still shakes when they go by.
6. When her ball gets stuck under the furniture. This happens like 10 times a day and elicits whining and barking until one of us gets down on our hands and knees and retrieves it.

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