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My mission is to help bird dog owners discover the joy of competing with their dogs and guide them on their journey into hunting events.

What I Offer


Personalized virtual coaching sessions for pointing breed dog owners to help you succeed in hunt tests and field trials. My goal is to provide information and resources and make training easier. Learn more.


Looking for more detail about the various hunt tests and field trials? I produce educational, to-the-point episodes with information specific to individual testing and trialing organizations. Listen here.


I wrote a memoir about training my vizsla, Zara, to be a hunting dog. It will be available August 5th in paperback and ebook format on Amazon. Learn more.

My Story

Zara is my ten year old Hungarian vizsla. When we first got Zara as a puppy, my husband and I had no intention of training her for hunting. When Zara was two years old, I entered her in a Junior Hunter Test at her breeder’s encouragement. With little training, she did exceptionally well and I found myself amazed watching her natural ability. Soon after, I decided that I wanted to train her to a more advanced level and that began a long journey that has taken me places I never imagined. Thanks to her, I’ve become passionate about all things related to performance dogs, hunting, and dog sports.

I found it really difficult in the beginning to find good resources.  My goal is help people new to the hunt test/field trial world figure out the best way forward with their dog so you can be successful and enjoy seeing your dog do what it was bred for.

Terry Ann and Zara after hunting

Featured Client Testimonial

"Without Terry Ann I probably would have given up pretty quickly to pursue something easier."

“Prior to bringing my GSP puppy (Elsa) home I had vaguely planned on running her in a NAVHDA Natural Ability test but I didn’t start seriously thinking about it until she was around 7 months old. Once I started reading more in depth about the different sections of the test I realized I was in WAY over my head, it was clear that pointing dog training was going to require resources that I was struggling to find on my own. I jumped at the opportunity when I saw Terry Ann was offering virtual coaching services (as I did not want to send my dog away) and this was a game changer in terms of results and our future plans.

By the time I started working with Terry Ann we were on a pretty tight timeline and I still hadn’t managed to get any meaningful training done with Elsa. She recognized the need to get things rolling quickly and helped me select a local trainer to do bird and gun introduction with, navigate my first NAVHDA training day and provided me with additional learning recommendations. And of course answered my truly endless list of questions.

Terry Ann helped guide us through an intense period of training in about 7 weeks. I started with a dog who loved water but had never seen a game bird, tracked anything alive or even hunted a field. We ultimately walked away with a Prize II, 105 points. Most significantly Elsa received full points in pointing, use of nose and tracking – none of which would have happened without Terry Ann.

Beyond that I have now jumped head first into all things pointing dog with Elsa and am so excited to continue working with Terry Ann this year. She’s helped me plan out my testing and trial season for the spring, set reasonable goals for the year and is even helping me on my journey to keeping some training birds in my suburban backyard.”

Kelsea, GSP owner




In 2019, I created a video about my NAHVDA experience with Zara for their film festival.


I was featured on the Field Trial Lifestyle podcast talking about field trials, NAVHDA, and everything in between! Have a listen!


To commemorate my five years as a NAVHDA member, I wrote an article for Versatile Hunting Dog, the NAVHDA magazine. Read it here (page 10).