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Yesterday Chris and Zara ran their first race together – a 5K called Day of the Dog that was held in Congressional Cemetery in DC. I was not there because I was in New York City with my mom but I made sure Chris took several photos for me. :)

We thought that Chris would be able to run a faster race than normal with Zara pulling him along but unfortunately, that was not the case. They run together once or twice a week now and Zara is usually a very enthusiastic runner, pulling on the leash for a least the first mile or two or three. But the race yesterday started at 11:30AM and it was about 75 degrees, so it was just too warm for her. She has not run in the heat much since we started running with her this past fall/winter.

Chris said that they were going along well for the first mile and a half, but then Zara had to poop. After that, she stopped to get some water from a bowl, and then she stopped two more times in the shade. So they did not PR, but they did finish. Poor girl needs to refine her race technique! Hopefully I will be able to run a 5K with her in the next couple months.


5K finishers!


I love you, Daddy!


Too hot – Zara had to rest in the grass after running.



Tired baby after running


Chris said that Zara slept the entire afternoon after running but around dinnertime, she woke up and had a lot more energy. He was texting me photos of Zara in “stalk mode” as he was throwing a toy for her.


Throw my toy, Daddy!


You really think you can watch TV instead of playing with me?

Today we had another busy day. We went hiking on Sugarloaf Mountain with a bunch of Chris’ coworkers. It was a really nice day for it – the weather was perfect, warm and sunny. We hiked a 4-mile loop and there was a pretty overlook about a third of the way into the hike. Our friends Erin and Dave came along with their dog Jax too.



The overlook.



Family photo. :)


Afterward we went to the nearby Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard for some snacks and wine. :)