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Every year, the embassies in DC have weekend open houses for the public with food, music, and cultural displays. The Hungarian embassy invites vizsla owners to bring their vizslas so visitors can learn more about the breed. I really wanted to go last year but it was raining that day off and on and we didn’t think it would be very fun since you have to be outdoors.

This year the weather was much better, so Chris and I headed over around 10am that Saturday. The embassy has a fenced yard where we took the dogs. They were allowed to be off leash, which was awesome. It would not have been an enjoyable experience otherwise because Zara would be wanting to play the entire time.

There were at least 20 other vizslas there, a good mix of young, middle-aged and older dogs. Zara started running around right away, running circles around many of the others. Some of the Hungarian kids had a ball and they kept throwing it for her, which of course she loved. Then they brought out a balloon and she was jumping up and bumping it with her nose…super cute!

It was a fun event and we even ran into a few people that knew Zara from Instagram. My only suggestion would be for the embassy to provide name tags or something for the owners, so visitors would be able to more easily ask us questions if they wanted. Without them, I think it was hard to tell who was an owner and who wasn’t.


My pretty girl and I

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