The past two Saturdays, Zara and I have gone to “Puppy Party.” This event takes place at the training school where Zara has been taking puppy kindergarten classes. Every Saturday from 9-10 AM, they have a free play time for 8-16 week-old puppies.

Last week there were between 15 and 20 puppies at the class! It was basically chaos as all the puppies were running around like crazy. Woofs Dog Training has a large play area and a smaller area for the very small/timid puppies. Zara was in the large area because she is not that small anymore (22 lbs. the other day!) and certainly not timid!

There were so many cute puppies there – labs, corgis, a Weimaraner, a silver lab, goldendoodles, and lots of mixed breeds. I don’t think I’ve seen so many puppies together at one time.

Zara had lots of fun and was so tired afterwards that she slept all day! This week she was a little less tired but I could tell she was really enjoyed herself. There was even another vizsla there who was Zara’s age! You can see him in the video with the black collar. Zara has the blue collar.

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